Hey, I'm Alex

Product designer passionate about humanising complex experiences and driving business impact.
With 6 years of experience, I’ve specialised in early-stage, zero-to-one product development.
Founded Swiftsign, with prior roles at Usercentrics and fraud0.
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Worked for leading companies

Kind words from great leaders

“Strong partner in building a foundation for growth.”

Mischa Rürup
Founder @ Usercentrics

"Creator of features now used by thousands."

Sam Schlagmann
CEO & Founder @ STINT

"From idea to prototype to MVP in just 7 days, a fast executor."

Lukas Rintelen
CEO & Founder @ Tucan AI

"Alex built the foundation of our first product with a unique UI/UX."

Tilman Pfeiffer
CEO & Founder @ fraud0

Selected work

Series B
2021 - 2023 • Senior Product Designer

Designed and built a new business vertical for a global consent leader

With the implementation of various data privacy laws, businesses are required to obtain consent from users before using their personal data.

Using Usercentrics, businesses can collect, manage, and document user consents on websites and apps.

  • Led the redesign of the website, resulting in a 100% increase in website traffic and a 20% boost in conversion rates within one year.
  • Developed four enterprise web products based on extensive research and testing, leading to an 10% increase in conversion rates.
  • Collaborated with C-level to design and launch the first B2C business vertical, expanding our reach and marking a milestone in a new market.

Unleash your team with contract management web tool for everyone: create, sign and organise contracts fast and easy.

2020 - 2024 • CEO & Founder

Founded and launched a B2B contract management platform in just 5 months

B2B contracting is painful. Companies are using more than five tools to create, negotiate, and sign just one contract. This costs companies valuable time and is highly inefficient, leading to long sales cycles, lost revenue, increased costs, and no scalability.

Using Swiftsign, every team manages contracts faster, more simply, and all in one place.

  • Led the design and launch of a complex contract workflow product, achieving a successful launch with 12 beta companies within 5 months.
  • Managed a team of 7 developers and 1 product manager, increasing retention by 26% and leading to a 20% rise in user satisfaction.
  • I raised six digit pre-seed round from angel investors.

Unleash your team with contract management web tool for everyone: create, sign and organise contracts fast and easy.

Series A
2022 - Today • Founding Product Designer

Building a bot detection and analytics software to reduce your ad spent

Nearly half of online traffic originates from bots, and since AI, these numbers have risen unpredictably. This is costing companies and marketers data accessibility, leading to highly ineffective decisions, lost revenue, and increased costs.

Using fraud0, fraudulent traffic can be identified and blocked from all channels to help marketers make clear decisions again.

  • Built and launched the product with the founders, scaling it to a three-digit number of SMB customers, resulting in a 2X YoY growth.
  • Relaunched the website, which increased the conversion rate by 20% and enhanced experience consistency.
  • I designed and launched multiple product features, leading to an increase in user retention and overall product quality.

fraud0 is rated as G2 high performer and trusted by leading companies.

Tucan Ai
2019-2020 • Founding Product Designer

Led the design of three product pivots based on intensive research in the audio transcription field

Professionals spend on average 6-8 hours in total preparing and correcting a transcript of a one hour interview. This manual process is highly inefficient, costing companies valuable time, leading to high costs and lost revenue.

The in-house developed AI from Tucan: 10x accelerates the transcription of every audio to create accurate transcripts.

  • Launched three product pivots: a C2C social media network based on a voice mobile app, a B2C podcasting platform and a B2B AI transcription platform, securing a large six-digit funding round.
  • Defined and launched multiple features, resulting in a 15% increase in revenue and a 20% improvement in product quality.
  • Led the design of all products, websites, branding, pitches, and visual designs.

Tucan.ai is your company’s private AI: run prompts and queries on your meeting- and text data and 10X your productivity.

Series A
2018 • Founding Product Designer

Built my first end-to-end MVP within 4 months for a current industry leader

In the UK the average employment length of restaurant staff is 52 days. This creates poor customer service and high hiring costs, leading to unhappy customers.

Together, we built the first MVP that offers businesses a customized pool of workers.

  • Launched the core B2C apps student <-> businesses matching experience, now weekly used by 50,000 users, resulting in a 40% increase in job placements.
  • The successful launch of the mobile app, achieving a 60% user engagement rate and 35% conversion rate, was a key factor in raising a £15M Series A funding round.
  • Led the launch dev-team in implementing scrum and increase team efficiency.

Your own customised pool of workers to support your core team, perfectly adapted to your demand and working the hours that they want.

What inspire me

Research & Ideas

Do Things that Don’t Scale by Paul Graham

Paul from Y-Combinator advises to focus as a founder on doing things manually instead of doing things that allows them to scale/grow quickly.


"Less but Better" Design Philosophy by Dieter Rams

A rare opportunity to sit down with Dieter Rams who defined what Apple could be — decades before Jony Ive ever turned on a computer.

Research & Ideas

Leading through uncertainty by Brian Chesky

Brian shares how Airbnb coped with 80% of business revenue drop and how they kept design and creativity at the center of everything.